BZK 06 - Olive Green / Scaled Havana

BZK 06 - Olive Green / Scaled Havana


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Square Eyeframes Model BZK 06 Bizr klan Eyewear.

Prescription frames of cellulose acetate hand made in the storm.

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Glasses and prescription [Choose only (1) type of lense additional to your prescription (if needed)]
BZK 01 - Matte Black
BZK 01 - Tortoise / Military Green
BZK 01 - Isle of Skye
BZK 06 - Soft Mix
BZK 06 - Devilish Gradient Black
Degraded Sunglasses
Optical Lenses (Non Prescription or Single Vision)
Home Try On (Only Barcelona) - Bizarre Guardian Visit

Bold frames in 4mm cellulose acetate.

Acetate is a resistant, hypoallergenic and moldable material. Bizr Klan Eyewear connects you with your story and exposes the character that is in you.

Medidas BZK 06

Wight: 38 g


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