Our History

We were born in Venezuela, in 2016, as an alternative expression to the unique style of each individual. We wanted to be more than just optical spectacle frames, we wanted to transcend fashion and be an authentic piece of style.

The beginning required great attitude and determination to launch our passion, inspiring all those who saw its birth and who are now part of our family.

In 2018 with the idea of expanding to new territories, we arrived to Barcelona – Spain, our current base, and since, we have been working and developing our passion.



"BIZR" denotes the bizarre culture, of boldness and courage, to have it, is the courage to face the daily risks of living, and to feel that anything is possible, complementing personality in a unique, individual and authentic way.

We are not a brand, we are a movement of expression of what you truly are, a platform of stories full of inspiration, effort, and entrepreneurship at all levels.



We promote the expression of personality with daring designs, with huge character.

Our ideal is not to limit ourselves to any pre-established figure, but to explore with the shapes, thicknesses and color combinations, differentiating ourselves in the traditional market.



We use the best cellulose acetates in Italy and the world, taking advantage of all of its one hundred percent natural benefits.

Cellulose acetate comes from plant compounds such as wood or cotton, it is hypoallergenic and very moldable. Its aging and deterioration over time is minimal. It allows to create a comfortable, resistant and reliable spectacle frame.


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