Lenses Guide

In this section we show you the options of our anti-storm lenses, available for your new Bizr Klan frames.


Types of Prescriptions Offered

Single Vision: they correct one distance or field of vision and can be used for near, medium and far vision. It is usually defined in formulas less than three diopters (<3).

Non-Prescription: get all the benefits of our lenses without visual correction.


Lenses Types and Benefits


Eliminates light reflections and glare, improves light absorption, which translates into greater sharpness and color saturation.

Our lenses are of the latest generation, we use an anti-scratch base by spinning, which gives better adherence and durability, maintaining the transparency of the lens.

Anti - Blue Light

Blue Light is part of the visible light spectrum from both the sun and electronic objects. We live in the digital age and the consumption of electronic devices is ever rising. On average we spend more than 8 hours in front of a screen. These screens emit a blue light, for which our eyes have no protection, and it is potentially negatively impactful on long-term visual health.

Our blue light technology reduces up to 90% of blue light, they reduce glare and block the said light, coming from digital devices such as smartphones, tablets or TV.

Light - Responsive (Transitions)

Photochromic lenses are lenses that lighten or darken due to the exposure and intensity of ultraviolet rays. Glasses with photochromic lenses can be used both indoors and outdoors, protecting the eyes against UVA, UVB and Blue Light rays.

Sun Lenses

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause short-term and long-term eye problems. Bizr Klan offers state-of-the-art lenses, all ofwhich include:

  1. Polarization - providing excellent optical performance and unmatched color balance.
  2. Anti-reflective and non-stick treatment on the inside.
  3. Highly scratch resistant CR-39 material.
  4. Category 3 protection (they block 83% to 93% of the light).


Lenses Colors *

Green allows you to perceive colors with hardly any alterations. It is recommended for water sports and people with hyperopia.

Brown filters blue radiation and increases contrast and depth of field, which is why they are very useful for outdoor sports. They are also highly recommended for people undergoing refractive or cataract surgery. Nearsighted people tend to be more comfortable with brown colored lenses in sunny days.

Gray transmits light evenly across the spectrum and is better suited to natural colors. This is why it is the best option for driving.


* All the colors represented here correspond to an approximation of the actual colors.


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